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Terms of Use

Thank you for joining the WeightLossWorkshop.

The following terms of use outline program policies. They are designed to clarify expectations, prevent misunderstandings and enhance your success with the program.

1. This program is not a substitute for medical advice. It is generally recommended that people who embark on a program to shift their eating habits or increase their activity levels consult with their physician first.

2. This program does not support the use of fad diets or the use of medication or “diet pills” not prescribed by a physician.

3. The Yahoo discussion group is intended to be for the purpose of mutual support. To protect group members, anyone using the group for commercial purposes will be barred from further participation. SPAM is forbidden.

4. Membership in the program is by monthly subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time to avoid further charges. To keep coast down, REFUNDS ARE NEVER GIVEN.

5. Your contact information will not be sold, rented, or exposed in anyway. I value your privacy.

6. Your membership includes permission for YOU only to visit/access/use the WeightLossWorkshop resources. This means that you may not share your password with anyone, nor can you take the content and redistribute it. This content is proprietary. If you this violate agreement, you lose all rights to future access and you’ll face legal action.

7. WeightLossWorkshop reserves the right to add, subtract, and modify any and all contents of the program as well as to stop offering this service altogether.

8. Participating in The WeightLossWorkshop is not a guarantee of success. However, the more you participate, the greater chances that you can make lifestyle changes that will promote long term weight loss and maintenance.

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