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Helpful Links

Food Awareness
  • Nutrient Data Laboratory
    Knowing about the food we eat is a helpful tool in losing weight. At this site, easily find out about the calories, carbs, fats and proteins in the food you choose.
  • Aging Arteries
    This Nutrition Action Newsletter Article describes how our arteries age to create high blood pressure. Research shows that even one high fat meal can change arterial health! Further, it discusses the positive impact of exercise, diet and nutritional supplements.
  • Controlling our Food Environent
    I love Brian Wansink’s research and suggestions. He is clear that willpower doesn’t work to push away food. Instead, he shows that if we change our food environment, our food choices will change. His book, “Mindless Eating” is summarized in this Nutrition Action Newsletter Article.
  • Pain Fighting Foods
    AARP magazine writes timely informative articles on nutrition. This one identifies anti-Inflammatory foods and quotes the research underlying their effectiveness.

Informative WeightLoss Sites
  • Shrink Yourself
    Dr. Gould's blog has many helpful insights into various aspects of emotional eating.
  • National Weight Control Registry
    People who have lost 30lbs or more and have kept it off for at least a year and studied to find out what has helped them achieve their goal.

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