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Weight Loss is facilitated by information and goal setting
  "I truly appreciate all the time that you have spent with me, I've learned so much about nutrition and how to eat and exercise."

"Thank you for everything Nancy, I am very lucky to have had your ear and your time for the last few months and have thoroughly enjoyed our chats!"


Weight Loss can also be achieved by reducing interpersonal conflict
  "I feel that our sessions were helpful because I got confirmation that I needed to talk with people who were dismissing my concerns. It was difficult to do that but worthwhile. My conversations and feedback from my relatives has been mostly positive and has given me some peace of mind and the boost I needed to let out my feelings regardless of the outcome."

"You were a great sounding board for me."


Weight Loss is maximized by changing your thinking
  "Working with Nancy is like having a personal 'healty eating and exercise' trainer available whenever you need her. She provides realistic and do-able steps on how to change your thinking regarding what, when and why to eat and exercise." "I highly recommend this program. It works!" Susan

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