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About Nancy

For 35 years, Nancy Adler-Jones, MSW has helped people change their lives.

I have a genuine interest in weight loss, as it has been a lifelong personal struggle; a struggle with which I am now at peace.

I have learned that obesity is a long term condition that can be managed, but not cured. I am committed to sharing with others what I have learned in order to make the struggle more manageable for others.

Contact Nancy: 425-948-4055, nancy@weightlossworkshop.com

BACKGROUND: Nancy began her career as a weight loss counselor for the Claremont Colleges Counseling Center. In 1975, she received a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Washington. Since then, she has counseled adults in a wide variety of life situations.

With the beginning of the new millennium, she began going through her own life transition. She was inspired by the new field of life coaching because of its emphasis on solution and life mastery. She graduated from the Institute of Life Coach Training in 2002, after which she began her coaching business.

Nancy was chosen to be interviewed in the 2005 documentary film about Weight Issues, "Beyond, Before, After".

Contact Nancy 425-948-4055
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